OnGenre Interactive Demos

This website provides interactive demos of both OnGenre's Subscription integrations and Livestream/On-Demand Event integrations.

For a personalised demo showing what OnGenre would look like on your existing website, use our Demo Request Tool.


Popout Widget
Pop-Out Subscriptions Widget
See how a Pop-Out subscription widget would appear on your website.
In-line Widget
In-line Subscriptions Widget
Integrate your venue subscription within your website's content.
Venue Page
Standalone Subscription Page
Display all your subscription products without integrating OnGenre onto your website.


Popout Widget
Pop-Out Event Widget
Paste a button to your website and have livestreams and on-demand content open above your site's content.
In-line Widget
In-line Event Widget
Integrate a livestream or on-demand event within the body of your website's existing content.
Venue Page
Venue/Artist Page
An OnGenre page tailored to your needs which shows all your upcoming livestreamed and on-demand events.
Event Page
Dedicated Event Page
An OnGenre page for a specific livestreamed or on-demand event.